"We admired RedRum Collaboration's work from afar... then they sent us some of their images full size.... Now we stand humbly in awe at the incredible detail, clarity, mastery of light and execution of images that they produce. Photography like theirs is not accidental and it is no surprise that their work is gracing more and more publications and more and more covers. They honor us by joining Retro Lovely."
-Michael (Retro Lovely Magazine) 

"For the record we LOVE your photography. Finding you was like finding a gold needle in a haystack!"
-Emily (Bizarre)


"I really appreciate you Amanda! Not just your artistry, but your energy and ability to make me feel comfortable while shooting. I really enjoy the process with you, not just the amazing images."
-Lily DeVille  (CO MODEL)

"I cannot tell you how appreciative I am of the universe for bringing us together. I saw your works years before I wanted to give modeling a try and thought THAT is what I want to do. At the time I was with someone who put me down, spoke poorly of me, was emotionally abusive so I thought I couldn't do it. That I wasn't pretty, had nothing to give. We met and I felt a connection immediately. You lit a fire in me and made me feel comfortable and worthy of the work I've chosen to do. You're amazing, I love you, and I am so very blessed to have met you and call you friend. I wish you all the best."
-Mae Rose (PA MODEL)

"If you work with RedRum, your poo will sparkle."
-Ludella Hahn  (MA MODEL, Cover Model)


"I first worked with Amanda back in 2010, I started following her on social media after falling in absolute love with her photography. I took a chance and reached out to her, and was lucky enough to gather enough interest to get her to travel out to California. Needless to say we became instant friends. Amanda is so amazing to work with, whether you're a first time model or a veteran in the business, she will not disappoint. I have been with her during many group photo packages and have watched her maintain control over the crowd and the situation, all while taking some of the most stunning images I've seen. Amanda is very good at making people feel comfortable in their own skin, she provides positive feedback through your entire shoot and leaves you knowing that your images will be nothing less than perfect. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Amanda, do yourself a favor and don't hesitate! Any look you want Amanda will be able to deliver. I'm very lucky to have had so many opportunities to work with her and even luckier to be able to call her a friend."
-Tawnie Trouble (CA MODEL)

"I have had the pleasure of working with Amanda on two occasions now. Both of my experiences were absolutely incredible. I felt very comfortable with Amanda and her wonderful team. She went out of her way to make me feel relaxed. Going back for the second shoot felt like I was going to visit an old friend. And the images that she creates are absolutely gorgeous! I would recommend Amanda to anyone and everyone. Do not miss out on an opportunity to work with this kindhearted and incredibly creative woman."
-Rissa Beaux (MA MODEL)

"I first heard of Redrum from a friend in 2013. I had followed on Facebook and Instagram for a while and after seeing her work and from her seemingly great attitude, I finally contacted Amanda for my very first photo shoot this past summer. I am beyond happy that I did. Amanda is very professional, yet she has this way of making you feel relaxed and comfortable from the moment you introduce yourself. I admire her out of the box thinking and that she can find beauty in anyone she encounters and allows them to see it in themselves through her perfectly thorough photography. I had done 2 shoots with her thus far and I don't regret a minute of my time spent with her. I recommend Redrum Collaboration to anyone and everyone! Don't let her creativity go to waste!"
- Krysta Lyn (MA MODEL)


"Love you and thank you for helping me to where I am today in the design world."
-Samantha Plasencia (DESIGNER, Project Runway)

"It was absolutely a wonderful and amazing experience doing makeup for you! It's always such a pleasure to find fabulous photographers who shoot models with such loving care. Truly a pleasure! You are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!"
-Chesha Neko  (MUA)