Hi! I'm Amanda Valentine! (formerly known as Redrum Collaboration)

I'm a continental traveling photographer hailing from the east coast but currently based out of Phoenix, AZ. I am highly invested in creating a positive atmosphere and experience for each and every person who comes in contact with my camera's eye. The energy we push out into the world returns to us, threefold; I am driven by this philosophy. I find importance in capturing the true essence of each subject. I am driven by my desire to pull the deepest beauty out of every muse who stands before me. My goal is to show my audience how extraordinary my subject is in my eyes. We are all so capable of magnificent things... we all harbor a beauty that can steal an audiences breath. My job is to find that breathtaking beauty in places no one else has explored and share it with the world.

Though my home base is in Phoenix I do spend a lot of time in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Boston. Because of this, I am *always* actively booking sessions in these locations! Contact: Redrum.Booking@gmail.com